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Teeth Alignment (Invisalign)


Teeth straightening and what it can do for you

Why straighten your teeth?

When teeth overlap or are misaligned, they cannot be properly cleaned and distort your bite. These issues can result in damaged teeth, gums and other soft tissues in your mouth, leading to cavities, tooth decay, and other painful teeth and gum problems later in life.


Benefits of straightened teeth

A beautiful smile is the most visible benefit of straightened teeth, but equally important is that teeth become easier to brush and floss and bite function is enhanced, thereby improving the health of the whole mouth. Having an unaligned bite means some teeth will experience increased pressure and get worn down faster, or worse, chip or break. Having teeth straightened would produce an improved aligned bite.


Treatment options

Misaligned teeth and bite issues can be addressed with metal or ceramic braces or clear aligners, which are transparent dental moulds that gradually shift teeth into their proper positions. The duration of the treatment depends on the severity of the problem, with more complex teeth realignments taking about 24 months.


The Invisalign advantage

Invisalign is a clear aligner that painlessly and effectively straighten your teeth for life. It can be popped on and off and is virtually invisible compared to traditional metal braces, which can be unsightly and cause abrasion and irritation from their brackets and wires.


How it works: Invisalign is a transparent, custom-made dental mould that gently move your teeth into the desired position to achieve flawless, aligned incisors. 

The process: As the treatment is customised, patients undergo a consultation that involves X-rays and a smile analysis. You’ll see a 3D representation of your teeth before, during, and after the treatment, so that you can track your progress and see how your smile will be improved.

The duration: The treatment takes approximately 9 to 18 months depending on how well your teeth respond to the realignment. Once the movement pattern is determined, Invisalign’s planning software can accurately predict when the treatment will be completed.


Don’t let crooked teeth cramp your smile and impinge on your oral health. Make an appointment with us today. 

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