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Ainy (Treatment Coordinator)

Being a part of a prestigious airline previously, Ainy provides exceptional customer service with her warm smile. She believes that traveling opens up her horizon and views thus broaden her perspectives of life and people. 


Having graduated with Diploma in Counselling, it further supported her in understanding the needs of her customers better. She pays serious attention in being there for her customers by lending a listening ear for them to be able to open up their concerns with her comfortably and render her assistance to them. 


During her free time, Ainy enjoys doing Stand Up Paddling together with her husband. She used to do Zumba and Yoga but decided for a change after picking up Spinning Class recently. 

She still enjoys traveling and even looking forward to more of it in the near future.


Ainy recently became a new mum to an adorable baby girl.

Kylie (Front Desk)

Hi! My name is Kylie and I’ve been in the customer service industry for 5 years. I enjoy interacting with people from all walks of life and I learn a lot from the conversations that we have exchanged. It gives me satisfaction knowing I have the ability to make someone’s day better by serving them or solving their problems.  

Personally, I enjoy watching dramas during my free time, a little cooking once in a while and being able to spend time with my love ones. 

I also enjoy spending time with animals, especially dogs as I find them cute and therapeutic. If there is anything I can do in life, I will dedicate myself to saving dogs from abusive owners. 

Looking forward to serving you at Gentle Smile Dental Studio. 

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Ying Shean

(Dental Surgery Assistant)

Ying Shean is a certified dental assistant with long-standing experience. Gentle, patient, meticulous, and enthusiastic about her job, that's what we see in her.


She has a knack for dealing with different types of patients with her ability to sense others’ emotions and empathise with them, which makes her an extremely caring, compassionate and understanding person.


She also learnt about the importance of providing the best care possible to every patient after witnessing how the public's impression of dentistry has changed over the years. Because she simply believes that prioritising patients' experiences equals to fewer people with dental phobia!

Other than work, she loves to spend quality time with her family.


She's a minimalist but the eco, aesthetic and moderate type. So decluttering, space planning, cleaning and organising is a way for her to de-stress, as she finds it therapeutic.

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