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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Relieve your pain - Root canal explained

What is a root canal treatment?

Also called endodontic treatment, a root canal procedure involves taking out the infected or affected pulp of the concerned tooth followed by a gentle yet detailed cleaning of the cavity, putting in a filling, and if needed, placing a dental crown to protect the tooth.  

When is a root canal procedure necessary?

When a decay or crack extend into the innermost structure of the tooth which is called the root canal. When this happens, the body is unable to heal itself and a treatment like root canal may be necessary.


Most of the time, when there is a root canal infection, pain will be experienced.

How does the root canal treatment improve overall dental health?

Root canal treatment removes the infection from the tooth and allow the tooth to remain in the mouth for function and aesthetics.


If left untreated, it could further complicate the tooth's condition, spread the decay, and leave the jaw bone vulnerable to disease. This procedure also allows patients to bypass the last resort option of extracting the entire tooth.  


What does the root canal process involve?

A root canal is usually a single-visit procedure depending on where the tooth is located (back teeth may require additional sessions because of the difficulty in accessing them and complex nerve pathways and roots) or the degree of damage borne by the tooth.


Step 1: The dentist will start by taking several X-rays of all the teeth and the concerned tooth to evaluate the depth, structure, and intricacy of the root canals.  

Step 2: After applying topical and local anaesthesia, the dentist will gently access the root canal of the affected tooth.

Step 3: Cleaning the root canals thoroughly to get rid of bacteria inside the root canal.

Step 4: The inside of the tooth will then be filled with a safe, durable, and compatible material followed by applying a suitable filling and setting a crown.

*Note: A tooth that has undergone a root canal procedure may be fragile compared to the other teeth but maintaining a rigorous dental hygiene routine (brushing, flossing, teeth-friendly diet and regular dental checks) can prolong its durability.


What are the dental options besides getting a root canal treatment?

Extraction may be the only alternative option. 

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