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Smile Makeover (Ceramic Veneers)


Custom-made smile aesthetics to suit your facial structure and desired appearance

Everything begins with a smile, from making a person seem approachable or amicable to carrying on a conversation. However, certain dental defects from uneven, worn down or discoloured teeth to gummy smiles can deter them from showing their best selves to the world.

Our Smile Makeover service has devised the most suitable plan to attain an ideal smile. The fundamentals of an ideal smile are to strike an intricate balance between a person’s facial structure, lips, teeth and gums.

Here is what to expect during a dental visit for Smile Makeover:


Step 1: It is pertinent for us to begin by understanding what the client hopes to improve about their smiles. 

Step 2: We formulate the most balanced smile based on the clients’ gum to teeth proportions, with a primary focus on how their teeth can be improved. 

Step 3: Ensuring that our smile analysis aligns with the client’s expectations, we create a customised plan.

Step 4: We provide a preview using Digital Smile Design (DSD) software which allows the client to get a visual simulation of the final smile before commencing their orthodontic treatment.


The Smile Makeover Process

Based on the simulated plan for a client’s smile, the possible modifications to be administered may include one or more of these treatments:



This process involves straightening out incongruent or overlapping teeth which improves the convenience & efficacy of daily dental hygiene (e.g. flossing), keeps food from getting lodged between teeth and turning into plaque, and lowers the incidence of pinched gums. 


Besides being visually appealing, extensive realignment may help reverse the ill effects of crooked teeth such as mouth breathing and improper lip, tongue, or jaw position or development.     


In Smile Makeover, realignment is often implemented using conventional braces which use metal wires, or the Invisalign treatment, which involves placing a comfortable, see-through plastic aligner that adjusts teeth in a low-maintenance manner. This results in an orderly and clean set of teeth for a graceful smile.



Over time the choices of food and drink such as coffee, smoking, and even age can lead to staining or discolouration of teeth. This can be fixed with a brightening treatment, as it cleanses off the superficial stains and general discolouration of teeth. 


The first tier of Smile Makeover’s brightening treatments includes a gentle whitening treatment where clients can apply a topical whitening gel on their teeth for several weeks or until they achieve the desired whitening level; this can be done in the convenience of their homes. For quicker results, this brightening treatment is supplemented with an in-clinic whitening session so clients can have whiter, stain-free smiles within a shorter period of time. 



Teeth undergo wear and tear not just with age but based on the textures and density of the food eaten regularly. In addition, habitual chewing of food on one side of the mouth can also chip and carve our teeth into distorted shapes. 


Smile Makeover utilises a few techniques to correct misshapen teeth starting with simple bonding which camouflages the damage caused to the teeth’s shape, colour and size. Bonding uses composite resin which is known to accurately replicate the surface tensity and qualities of human teeth. This allows clients to enhance their smiles with minimal orthodontic invasion. The next option involves the use of long-wearing porcelain veneers based on the digital visualisation of your desired smile, which allows clients to give their prototype smiles a trial run before finalising their permanent smiles. 


The requirements for a client’s Smile Makeover plan are decided and carried out on a case-by-case basis in a gentle manner by Dr Kelvin Chua.

Get in touch with us today to find out what your Smile Makeover looks like.

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