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Square Jaw

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Treatment of square jaw

A square jaw generally refers to the lower jaw bone jutting out on the side. Those who are born with a strong jawline, naturally have a shorter face length. 

While there are some individuals who are confident of their strong facial structure, some individuals, especially women, with square jaw may dislike it, and can’t wait to get rid of the excess bone jutting out (the angle between the chin and the neck that cause noticeable facial discordance of the female face, which is associated with masculine facial appearance).


A few examples of Hollywood celebrities with very prominent square jaws are Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie. Despite Jolie’s strong jawline, she is still highly-regarded as one of the most well-known and popular artistes of all times. Just think of what’s an action movie without Jolie!


Square jaw reduction reduces the width of the lower part of the face, especially if it is caused by the lower jaw bone and the surrounding masseter muscle. The masseter muscle is a strong and thick rectangular-shaped muscle (performing the primary function of chewing) that wraps around the side of the lower jaw and causes a powerful elevation or contraction of the lower jaw.


You can’t totally fight genetics, but you can improve the appearance of your jawline through 1) surgical or 2) non-surgical procedures. Surgical treatment will involve removing the excess bone and/or muscles. Non-surgical treatment will involve shrinking or reducing the muscle mass or volume via botulinum toxin (botox), injected directly into the masseter muscles.


Repeated treatments may be required for non-surgical treatment as the results typically last 3-6 months. Patients should speak with their dentists for more information. Your dentist will make a clinical assessment and customise the most appropriate procedure for you depending on your needs. 

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