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Our high sterilisation standards will put your mind at ease

At Gentle Smile Dental Studio, you can say goodbye to dental anxiety. Our experienced doctors are gentle as we consistently focus on our core competencies and offer the best solutions to help you achieve a perfect smile in just one visit.


We have strict protocols in place for all patients, staff, and visitors coming to our clinic to ensure that we do everything possible to protect you and your loved ones.


We practice strict dental hygiene regulations and take infection control seriously at our clinic. We monitor situations and update our methods to guard against bacteria and viruses, including the novel coronavirus covid-19. 


We also keep our safety standards updated based on current circumstances and legal requirements so we guard you against harmful bacteria and viruses, including the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Our German-made steriliser from the manufacturer MELAG has over 60 years of experience in the development and production of sterilisers and disinfection devices in the field of practice and clinic hygiene for optimal hygiene and safety at practices and clinics. 

We have invested in innovative dental technologies for our sterilisers and other disinfectant machines such as  ULTRASONIC, where all dental instruments are pre-soaked in Micro 10+, a powerful and effective disinfection solution that kills residual bacteria, before any batch of dental instruments are sent to autoclave. 


During the process of sterilisation, we use the most stringent autoclave type called Class B+, which uses steam at a high temperature of 134°C to kill 100% bacteria, microbes and fungal spores with vacuum pressure to thoroughly disinfect our dental instruments.

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Surgery Materials

The instruments will then be pouched and dated accordingly to ensure that our patients always receive a fresh set of clean, sterilised instruments. 


Our patients' health and safety is of utmost importance to us. As a promise to offer consistently exceptional solutions for our patients’ healths, each treatment adheres to strict dental protocols with the reliability of our high-quality products, which all align with the International Standards of Infection Control.


We appreciate your trust in us and we will continue to do everything possible to protect you and your family while receiving treatment at Gentle Smile Dental Studio.

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