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Tooth Extraction

Dental Checkup

What you need to know about teeth extraction

Tooth Extraction is usually the last resort after all other alternatives have been considered to save the tooth. The dentist will first assess the affected tooth to determine whether any part of its structure can be salvaged or preserved through alternative treatments such as root canal, crown application, or dental implants.


In case other treatments prove to be ineffective, the tooth needs to be extracted to prevent any prevailing decay from spreading to other teeth. If you have chronic gum disease, deep cracks in your tooth structure, or tooth decay that has descended to the root, there is no other alternative except extraction. 


Besides irreparable tooth decay, extraction is also a necessary step in the process of attaching dental braces to create some room to realign the teeth in a uniform manner. 


In order to keep your smile from missing a few gaps, the natural step post-extraction would be the consideration of placing implants or dentures to fill the empty space of the extracted tooth or teeth. 

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